Cradle-to-College Education Pipeline

How will you improve educational opportunities for residents?

A quality education opens doorways to new opportunities. We are committed to developing an education pipeline centered on a rigorous curriculum that will ensure successful futures through college and beyond. Learn how South Rome Alliance is helping.

Community Wellness

How are you helping to make South Rome a thriving community?

A safe and vibrant community requires access to health services, wellness programs, green spaces, healthy food, quality jobs and other amenities that honor the history of the area while ensuring growth and opportunity. Learn more.

Economic Development

How are you helping with economic development?

South Rome Alliance is committed to developing new retail services and amenities, and offering incentives to attract employers and businesses that can offer quality jobs and the promise of long-term economic growth in the community. Learn more.

Mixed Income Housing

What is being done to create new housing opportunities in South Rome?

Established in 2004, South Rome Alliance is working to transform South Rome through homeownership, affordable housing choices, educational opportunities, active community involvement, leadership, and appropriate economic development. Learn more.

Are there rental opportunties?

A $14 million investment in 84 newly built apartments in Burrell Square, McCall Place and Etowah Bend is a continuation of investment by the City of Rome and South Rome Alliance to provide quality mixed-income housing for area residents. View opportunities.

Do you have any home ownership programs?

Home ownership helps provide stability and opportunity within a community, but areas of South Rome have lacked affordable, quality housing options for decades. South Rome Alliance is offering new, quality, affordable single-family homes for sale to income eligible homeowners. View programs.

Support Us

How can I support South Rome Alliance?

South Rome Alliance is working with residents and neighborhood leaders, as well as public, private and community partners to understand and address community needs. With your support, the foundation can ensure meaningful and sustained transformative change in the lives of South Rome residents. Visit our Donate page to learn more and be a part of this vision and change.